Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Legendary Pink Chair Arrives!

Uncle Ron and Aunt Judy were sweet enough to bring up my favorite antique chair in the world. Other than the antique couch in the Curtis home parlor we had our first kiss on of coarse. Sadly, we forgot our camera and didn't get pictures with Uncle Ron and Aunt Judy.

Later, as we unpacked it, Jeff ran outside and returned with a light yellow rose and posed on my chair.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

2nd day of Jeff's Bday weekend!!

Good morning!! Wow what a truly incredible view to wake up to. This is what our view was from our "room"!!
This is me when i just woke up.
Jeff just woke up and was ready to start the day!

Jeff ran to the car to grab a few extra things that we didn't get the day before. He came back with something a little extra... can you guess what it is?

If you guessed kite you are correct! As he was walking back he found a kite! And from what he can remember he has never flown one before, so it made it even more exciting! He caught on quickly and had so much fun!
Here is the kite!
This is me watching him have fun with the kite and enjoying seeing my husband so happy!!
Doesn't he look like such a pro?!?!
So pro he can do it with his foot!
We packed everything up and i took one last picture! He is such a handsome mountain man!!

We were on our way home, and almost home but then we saw some signs... so naturally... we stopped at some garage sales...and well as you can see we got a little carried away. We found 2 bowling balls and shoes for 15 dollars (originally one bowling ball can be a couple hundred, shoes are pretty spendy as well). We found a towel warming rack, brand new never used, for 28 (originally 280). And of course many other treasures.
The next morning i woke up early and made him waffles with the batter Mama Zelle and Papa Jon sent to us for his Birthday, thanks again it totally brightened our day!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Jeff's Birthday weekend!!!

So I know you all have been wondering what we did for Jeff's Birthday! Well Iwill finally tell you. So the day before Jeff's birthday I gave his presents, I gave him the new ipod nano, because i wanted him to be able to put songs on it before work the next day. Hence the day before. Ialso gave him a wrist band that holds the ipod so that it looks like a watch, along with a littleportable speaker he can use at work. Sorry i dont have any pictures at this time of any of those. Ok now for his actual bday. We both woke up and went to work. We got off a little early so we were able to go on a birthday camp out. Jeff has been dying to go and i wanted to surprise him, but with me still learning good places and the ones he likes the most i decided to let him choose where to go.This is us on our way to the beach.
Isn't the drive beautiful?!?! The drive alone was incredible!!!

We finally arrived at the beach and thanks to a good buddy, David, we found an incrediblespot!!

This is a panorama of where our actual tent/campsite was. Jeff was able to make a wonderful fire for us and we stayed warm while watching the incrediblesunset. Because of the fire we ate a wonderful gourmet meal, a can of soup and chips. Jeff was also able to set up our tent in the most amazing spot... as you can see. If you look closely there is a hole in the brush and tree's, we had to climb up some roots to get to our tent. But it made it very exclusive and perfect for us so that we had TONS of privacy. And of cours the best view in the world!