Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Oregon Coast

Not too long ago, we enjoyed a scenic drive down the coast. We went to Tillamook to try all the legendary cheeses(last year was voted the World's Best Medium Chedder!) When the sun finally showed up, we jumped out of the car and took a few pics.

Wii are fun

While the weather was still cold and rainy, we found fun without the sun in front of a screen. Sounds healthy. Here are a couple videos. Enjoy. ......And yes, we all did Zumba.


Blessed with two tickets to the one of the two professional sports teams in Portland and fun train ride into  the city, we had an awesome experience watching the professional soccer match between our Timbers and the Philadelphia Union. The northwest stayed true to the legends and it poured rain on us for the entire first half, which was also goalless. The rain let up, the game got better, and with about 15 mins left, our Timbers scored the game deciding goal and we went wild. The Timbers Army is amazing and makes the whole experience unforgettable. We look forward to many more Timbers games and wins!

The First Hike in Oregon

Take some beautiful greens, deep canyons, best picnic ever, and very very cold water and you will have just a taste of the awesome punchbowl falls hike we enjoyed for our first hike in Oregon. It was long awaited and well worth the wait. We enjoyed the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches on our home-made jean blanket and then I decided to go for s short swim in the glacier run-off from Mt. Hood. It was well worth the time and effort and we really enjoyed our quite time together.