Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boy or Girl?!?

We are so excited to announce what we are having! But first i will tell about our day. So Joyze is visiting us and we decided we would love to have her come and be apart of our ultrasound. So early in the morning we got up and went straight to breakfast so that i would have a full belly. We went to Tom's Pancakes, and for those of you that have not experienced it yet, it is AMAZING! My favorite is the cinnamon roll french toast - here is the pic!

Yay for a yummy breakfast and time!!
We then went straight to the appointment! We get in and both Jeff and i had to close our eyes while the they checked the gender. Jeff almost couldn't wait, but we were way too excited for our special way of finding out. So we asked that she write it down and give it to CeCe so that her and Kathryn could get the surprise all ready. We had made a fun trip to the beach with the Olsen's. 
We are finally there.... we were both so anxious!

What do you think it is?? BOY? GIRL? only the box will tell...
Watch the video to find out!

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?! I know we sure can't!! SO HAPPY!!

After we found out, we hung out at the beach and enjoyed Seaside, OR! It was a blast!
Please enjoy these fun picts of our wonderful time!!!

Haha What a great new tan...on the one leg!

Bennett loved the sand! New favorite thing to do and play with!

CeCe Loves the new baby boy! She can't wait either!

We can't wait!!! So in love!

Go Porter Go!!

Such an excited soon to be daddy!!!

Mason loved the sand too! He kept trying to build things with the rocks and making a sand.

Bennett loves CeCe! CeCe loves Bennett! So cute!

Sisterly love! We are so happy and so excited!

Yay!!! Olsen family is beautiful!!

Bennett had so much fun with the water, yet it was so cold so it scared him!

Family fun!

Brent found some kind of insect!

Yay! We are having a boy!!!

Loving his mama!!

Everyone together for dinner!

Awe what a cute mama and baby!

Haha Bennett cracked us up! He loved CeCe's chin, we have NO idea why! But it is still funny!

Porter LOVED doing the bumper cars!