Sunday, April 15, 2012

Here is a picture of me before i start showing...well kinda... i think i am starting but Jeff keeps saying i am not so here i am. Hoping to keep posting a few pictures as much as i can.

We are SO SO excited to see our baby!! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

We got some news....

We have something VERY exciting to announce....

And if you cannot read it...yes, it says WE ARE PREGNANT (well to clerify, I am...WE are having a baby)
The baby is due December 8th. We cannot wait for our little one! I have been waiting my whole life to be a mom and it is finally happening i can't believe it! I remember when i was little i was always asked "Lynette, what do you want to be when you grow up?", and while i knew all my friends would answer a dancer, doctor, pilot, etc. i would always respond, "I want to be a mom. I want to have a lot of kids and be just like my mom and grandma's!". Now finally i get to be what i have always dreamed. So happy God is blessing us with one of his children to raise and love.

And here is the story as to how we/Jeff found out. So it was a beautiful morning and Jeff and i were laying in bed (sorry this post might have just a little bit of T.M.I so i hope you dont mind) talking about life and just enjoying the morning, it was my day off and Jeff was working a little later that morning. One of the topics happened to be how i had been feeling a little different, possibly it was coming close to my time of the month or maybe i just simply was having more of my famous "condition" symptoms adding up. But while talking, Jeff jokingly said, "Or maybe your just pregnant..." We both laughed... you see we have been married for a year now, with no protection...if you know what i mean. Jeff went to work and the thought intrigued me, and i figured "Hey i have some preggo tests whats the harm in covering my bases". So before i took my shower i took the test, i walked out of the room to do a few things and honestly forgot i even took it. So when i walked back in to turn on the shower i saw the test. My heart stopped, i had taken this test several times and it had never been positive, so i grab it and look at had two lines... aka i was pregnant. I almost fell to the ground, i couldn't stop smiling. So i got the other brand of test  out and took it again. This time it said pregnant (which is the pict.). I just stared with a smile unsure on what to do next. So without thinking i sent this pict to Jeff. I waited what felt like 15 minutes, but what was probably only 2 or 5 and called Jeff. He walked out of the office into his car and the only thing he could say was  "Is that real? Did you get that pict of the internet or something?" I laughed and assured him it was real. Our cheeks killed by the end of the day for how much were smiling!
We truly cannot wait for our little one! So happy! Love our baby already!