Sunday, November 20, 2011

"What is going on with the Trees?"

"Whoa, Babe holy cow, it is BEAUTIFUL! Look at all those colors! Where did that come from?" Lynette exclaimed with excitement.
"What do you mean? You mean the leaves? Yeah, the leaves go green to red/pink to yellow then fall. Its what happens when Fall is here." Jeff replied. To him it was just another Fall Season. Don't misunderstand, he loves Fall and thinks its Beautiful. But it is what happens every year.
Yet Lynette was looking out the window just dying to go walk around and look at all the beauty like it was something so unreal to her. So he asked " Have you never seen Fall? Do you want to go walk around?"
Lynette felt slightly silly and replied, " Well of course, just not a Fall like this. With so many trees and all of the colors changing slowly. I am used to them just practically taking 1 or 2 nights to change colors. But can we please go walk around?!?!"
Jeff, excited to experience another new thing with his wife excitedly drove around and took Lynette to see all the beautiful areas and get out and even take some pictures.
Well i am sure most of you may not know this, but until about 4 years ago i finally understood or could remember what Fall was. I honestly was absent for the days that they taught about seasons or something, and with growing up in AZ you really don't see a whole lot of the "seasons". It goes from Summer, to you waking up the next day and all of the sudden their are leaves all over the ground, now its "Fall", to its freezing for about a week, now "Winter", to waking up and there being leaves on the trees "hello Spring". So i never could grasp the true seasons and them changing other then Summer and Winter.

So i decided to show you just a taste of my very "First Fall". Can you believe it, Red, yellow, pink and green Ivy....??

Something i have always thought was so gorgeous, is drops of water on leaves. No matter where its been i love it. and fortunately i see it quite often here.

Now doesn't my husband look handsome with all the natural beauty!!

Me and the amazing fall colors behind me. Just in case you couldn't tell! Isn't it amazing!
Not quite as good of a photographer, but you get the idea... Jeff Trying to show off the colors, but i kinda messed it up. But it still looks good, and of course Jeff makes it look AMAZING!!
I am completely loving Oregon! It is such a fun adventure! The differences are so beautiful and super exciting to experience and learn. Everything is beautiful, everyone needs to come see all that God has created in the wonderful state of Oregon. (Don't worry i still love and miss AZ. But i am enjoying my life and this beauty).