Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The long awaited update :)

We are going to do this as if you have just arrived after the 22 hr drive up here from Arizona. First, you would rush through our living room. You'd be lucky if you saw it in such great detail...

Then you would most quickly arrive here. Yes, the bathroom. And, you'd probably see this in greater detail than you see here. There is something powerful about the real experience.

This is what you would see as you stood up in front of the toilet. Don't know why you'd do that though.

Then we'd usher you back for a snack and some drink to quench your thirst. Our lovely little kitchen. Notice the Bouquet from our wedding on your left. And Mama Zelle's Recipe for How to Preserve a Husband on the wall nearby. This very important feature is key to our successful venture's while in the kitchen.
We would then ask you to take a seat and enjoy your snack in our cozy Dining Room. If you're lucky, we'll pull out the board games.
Then, for display only, we would show you our cherished bed. Please, no touching. The quilt was hand-made by My Aunt Anne as a wedding gift. Simply...Amazing.  We are enjoying the challenge of figuring out what to do with Lynette's Baptism Blanket hence it's artistic placement in this photo.

Now a quick glance towards the paradox we call Jeff's Library. 

And thus we see, that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. We would leave our fine sleeping quarters and settle down in the living room to carry on as civilized folk do.
We hope you enjoy the tour and decide to come experience the real thing soon. 

Warm Regards,

Jeff and Lynette